Art Submissions
Daring Entertainment publishes a range of RPG settings. As a result, we are always looking for additional art talent.
Prospective artists must be able to draw consistently, understand basic anatomy, proportions, and lighting, and be able to follow art direction and meet deadlines.

Interested parties should send samples, or links to an online portfolio, to Be sure to include contact name and email address, as well as a list of any previous credits (if applicable). We will review the included samples and assign accepted artists to products that we feel best untilizes a given style.

Give 4-6 weeks for a response.
Writer Submissions
Prospective writers should send a letter of inquiry to stating their name, email address, and any previous credits (if applicable). We will then request a writing sample for review. Do not send unsolicited samples.

Give 4-6 weeks for a response to requested samples.
Submissions For Existing or Upcoming Daring Entertainment Product Lines
Daring Entertainment does not accept unsolicited, commercial submissions for our existing or upcoming product lines. Such submissions include (but are not limited to): Concepts, Ideas, Situations, Characters, and Storylines. All such unsolicited submissions will be destroyed immediately. Daring Entertainment is constantly creating new material for all its product lines, and may be working on a project containing material similar to that submitted without solicitation. Daring Entertainment will not be liable for continuing development on, and releasing, material similiar to that contained in an unsolicited submission.
Fan-Created Material for Free Download
The exception to the above for submitting material for existing and upcoming product lines is fan-created material.
Fan-created material can be Adventures, Characters, Locations, Plot-Hooks, whatever you want to share with the rest of the gaming community.
Fans are welcome and encouraged to share their creations with others.  These will be free downloads, and as a result Daring Entertainment does not pay for the material.
Format should typically be:
Headings: Times New Roman, size 12
Text: Times New Roman, size 10, Single Spaced.

Please do not add a line space between paragraphs, and keep a 2 line space between the last paragraph and the next Header.  This format allows us to judge, at a glance, the approximate size a submission will be after layout.

All files must be able to open in MSWord.

Fan submissions can be sent to for consideration.